What happened was.

Its been a longtime since my last message and that is because we have been busy with guests over the summer and lots to do at work.
The UK Election results are in and Brexit is now full steam ahead and, as we live in France the outcome is not something that can be predicted though my future hopes for a world run by a human loving AI system is still very much intact as politicians seem to increasingly speak lies and false hopes.
May and the weather is starting to move from cold to warm and Easter. My daughter has an operation early Friday morning to remove four wisdom teeth so I imagine that it will make her weekend difficult to enjoy!
This week the Notre Dame cathedral suffered a fire and it is sad that such an important monument suffered such a fate. Though I am not of the catholic faith I do appreciate the effort and art that went into building such a monument and its ability to withstand world wars and invasions. At the end of the day historic buildings act as a marker for humanity and there ability to plan beyond there lifespans.
It has been a while and in that while friends from overseas visited and I got man flu but, as my head slowly clears from my malady our daily news from around the world never ceases to astound and sadden me,  Roll on cave.
India announced Wednesday that it successfully fired an anti-satellite weapon and intercepted an unidentified Indian satellite at an altitude of 300km. This test, named “Mission Shakti,” gives India the prestige of becoming only the fourth nation to shoot down a satellite, but it raises serious questions about orbital debris and the on-going militarization of space.
The country's prime minister, Narendra Modi, announced the anti-satellite test in a televised speech Wednesday, which he characterized as an, "important message for our nation." Later, on Twitter and in English, he added of this mission that it "was a highly complex one, conducted at extremely high speed with remarkable precision. It shows the remarkable dexterity of India’s outstanding scientists and the success of our space programme."
China shot one down back in 2007 and bits of that one are still hitting other satellites!
This one is my favourite and concerns Huawei ( I have the P20 Pro most excellent phone)
So Huawei made a booboo but it does not look deliberate and the dodgy technique used was learned from the NSA!
With the current USA and China huff & puff it does make me sadly smile.
Full Article https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/03/how-microsoft-found-a-huawei-driver-that-opened-systems-up-to-attack/
Huawei MateBook systems that are running the company's PCManager software included a driver that would let unprivileged users create processes with superuser privileges. The insecure driver was discovered by Microsoft using some of the new monitoring features added to Windows version 1809 that are monitored by the company's Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service.
First things first: Huawei fixed the driver and published the safe version in early January, so if you're using a Huawei system and have either updated everything or removed the built-in applications entirely, you should be good to go.
The interesting part of the story is how Microsoft found the bad driver in the first place.
Microsoft Defender ATP does not rely solely on signature-based endpoint antimalware to detect known threats; it also uses heuristics that look for behavior that appears suspicious, even if no particular malware has been identified. Windows itself notices certain actions taken by software and reports them to the Defender ATP cloud service, and machine learning-based algorithms look for anomalies in these reports.
Enter: The US government
Windows 10 version 1809 included tracing designed to detect DOUBLEPULSAR-type backdoors. DOUBLEPULSAR is one of the many techniques devised by the National Security Agency and subsequently leaked. Subsequent to its publication, it has been used in malicious software.
DOUBLEPULSAR provides a way for a compromised kernel driver to run code in user mode. It works by copying some code into the memory of a privileged process that's already running and then directing the system to execute that code by sending an APC to the process. APCs ("asynchronous procedure calls") are a way to temporarily direct a thread to stop running the function it's running. Instead, they switch to running a different function; when that different function finishes, the thread resumes the original function from where it left off.
APCs are used internally by the operating system for certain I/O operations: instead of having to wait for the system to read or write a file, Windows has a system whereby the read or write operation can be started without waiting, with an APC used to indicate that the read or write has finished.
This requires a pair of back-to-back operations that the kernel can detect: the allocation of some memory within a running process, followed by the kernel sending the process an APC that references that newly allocated memory. Either operation on its own is of little interest, but the two happening together, with the APC using the memory, is indicative of a DOUBLEPULSAR-style attack. Windows 10 version 1809 included sensors to record these kernel operations that are known to be useful for malware.
White Rabbits etc as my mum used to say on the first day of the month and the time has flew between my last message at the end of January.
Work has been hectic and I am currently writing this from an office in the UK though I will be travelling home to France tonight so that I am back in the house for Saturday. As usual the UK is a lot more hectic and the week I have been here has been frenetic with meetings with friends and family and also work meetings. I did notice that my driving skills needed to be upped to their A' game as in France there is so much more space and time,whilst here is mostly manic with a lot less response time available.
The house boiler decided to pop its clogs this week so a friend kindly came round and isolated it whilst the wife manned the buckets c'est la vie!
Time slips and slides away and dashes apparently at the moment.
I am reminded by those sage words of wisdom below.
Prince Humperdinck: Tyrone, you know how much I love watching you work, but I’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I’m swamped.
Count Rugen: Get some rest. If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.
The front garden has been cut back and now all we have to worry about is shifting all the branches, twigs and leaves to somewhere else.  We do have a chipping machine which lies unused and a little forsaken but its tricky because I am busy and Sunday in France is a quiet day with no noisy lawn mowers etc and that just leaves Saturday. In France currently the shops do not open on Sundays, unless you count the early morning, seriously! So hopefully it will stop raining as well, as it is not ideal using an electric chainsaw in the wet.
Another busy week at the work house though time did fly and the week actually felt like just a couple of days. I find most situations have a positive outlook if you can take the time to consider.
The plan this weekend is to start on the jungle which is the front garden but the IT work could encroach on the available time and, you cannot use motorised tools such as chainsaws on a Sunday here in France.
My daughter has had a busy week in Angers and an exam tomorrow moring though we should be OK for hugs next weekend.
Another week and another dollar as they say. My daughter is sitting her Psychology this week so she left home yesterday and it is always an emotional wrench. I suppose like most families I wonder if I said enough or if I spent enough quality time with her whilst she was here?
My daughter is back in two weeks so there time enough to find out why the overflow from one of the immersion heaters is dripping also several other jobs that are mainly IT related that I can do to keep me occupied.
As I get older I wonder about priorities, and personal relationships have to be right at the top also with time no longer a seemingly infinite resource is it time to re-evaluate?
Happy New Year!
Back to the regular job and not too much weight gained during the holiday and it is a short week so the weekend starts soon.
Our daughter has been home over the holidays and is still with us studying away inbetween brief visits to her friends and I am guessing that she will need to leave on Sunday to start back at the University next week.
The daughter is studying Pshycology in the hope to cure her dad though I think that it is too late for that and she will just have to put up with me.
No New Year resolutions this year as I do not smoke, hardly drink and have been losing weight steadily so that I can drop some of the pills that I take on a daily basis.
Regards the previous work the room below has all been plasterboarded and should be ready for a bit of paint soon.
Back to that bit between Christmas and New Year which allows you to catch up on the jobs you wanted to do in the year but work and other commitments got in the way.
I am off to help a friend turn a rural space into a ensuite bedroom and it's great to feel physically tired at the end of the day instead of brain fried from the IT work. I get paid in good food and company so a win win for me.
My daughter is home to help keep the wife on track and a late night early morning was had due to a little mouse which not only upset the ladies but also freaked the dog out.
On a positive note the mouse holed up in the downstairs bathroom, so I should save so money as my daughter likes to shower until the water runs out!
Almost Christmas and plans for the new year are underway. Today I received a message from the accounts service and have copied it below.
"Yet another year is drawing to a close and what a year it has been, with the ongoing dilemma of  the Brexit and issues with Macron...the 'Yellow Vests', tax increases then cancellations/postponement..... it does at times look like we are being led by the blind who just do not understand the grass roots, what the future holds I hate to think................everyone has their own personal opinion here but I feel we have paid professional politicians huge sums of money to make a total mess and there is just a total lack of understanding......
In November 'La Figaro' published France is now the most expensive country in Europe for paying your 'Income Taxes, Social Charges, Property taxes, TV Licences'.....  France now also has a penalty position of up to 80% + Interest for incorrect/undeclared incomes, so please be careful. It is also now the most expensive country in the world in which to run a business !!!"
Also news from other souces recommend getting money out to last 3 months in the case of a hard brexit along with a variety of other suggestions far to odius to repeat here. Though do make sure to pay for your French TV license as the fine will be € 185 for every TV / Computer screen that you have!
On a more positive note the dog was fairly quiet last night which was pleasant and the wife noted that the dog appeared to be going around in circles so I removed the nail from his foot and now he can go anywhere.
Well what a cold, windy and miserable weekend that was. The only sunshine was that our daughter travelled many hours across several kingdoms to visit with us for the weekend. On a more positive note the finishing school she studies at had a sale on so € 4,000 left the cave and we have another year of breaking rocks and weaving baskets to make up next years tithe.
It is nice to have a purpose.
The Brexit commons vote is apparently on hold at the moment and President Macron is due to make a speech about the troubles here in France tonight, with the yellow jackets and it is truly a wonder that the human race has survived this long.
Are the frogs getting bigger or am I wearing my wife's glasses?
Fridays, my favourite day as I work during the week and look forward to getting up later than normal and going shopping. Really?
My wife and I go shopping as she does not drive and being 104 years old it is highly unlikely that she will learn anytime soon. The vision problem also exacerbates the problem as she is a cyclops.
The good news is that we do see eye to eye quite frequently and, living in the wilderness her hearing has compensated so she can hear a squirrel from 5 miles away but, unfortunately not my frequent requests (Twice Daily) for a cup of coffee as I single handedly deforest Northern France in my search to find her a decent broom that can also double as transportation so I do not have to go to the shops.
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